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Health Maintenance Record

Take charge of your healthcare by maintaining record of all your health screening tests. The Seven Hills Health Maintenance Record lists those tests necessary for early detection of cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease, and cancers affecting women. It will also help you keep track of necessary immunizations, and recommends other screening tests that will help you stay healthy.

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Other Screening Tests to Consider

  • Women with diabetes mellitus should undergo periodic urine testing.
  • Women with a history of multiple sexual partners or a partner with multiple sexual contacts or a past history of STD's should undergo periodic screening.
  • Women planning on getting pregnant should consider Rubella testing and vaccination before pregnant is susceptible.
  • Women who work (or live) in a health care setting/Nursing homes or long-term residential facility or with household contacts with TB should undergo TB skin testing periodically.
  • Women with chronic medical conditions or those over the age of 65 should receive both the influenza vaccine (yearly) and the pneumococcal vaccine (once).

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